It is one of the oldest industrially produced milks in Slovakia. Although its production is industrial, it is characterized by maximum consideration for all ingredients contained in milk. The quality of our milk production process, begins with its purchase, through the selection of suppliers and rigorous laboratory control of each raw material supply to the dairy. In the next step, the milk is treated by pasteurization and homogenization to achieve a uniform distribution of fat in the milk and its health safety. Subsequently, the milk is filled into sterile PET bottles with the exact batch and date of packaging.

This carefully selected milk is a guarantee of the quality and natural taste of fresh milk, which is an important and natural source of protein, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, vitamins (D, A, E, K, B), trace elements, but especially calcium.

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vysokopasterizované homogenizované mlieko

Nutrition Facts (Serving 100g)* % RI
Energy268 kJ / 64 kcal3
Fats3,6 g5
saturated2,4 g12
Carbohydrates4,8 g2
in which Sugars4,6 g5
Proteins3,3 g7
Salt0,1 g2

Variants: BABIČKA MILK 1,5% Semi-skimmed 1l PET, BABIČKA MILK 3,5% Skimmed 1l PET