It is an acid-milky product that contains several kinds of dairy kefir cultures, as well as strong and beneficial microorganisms, which promotes digestion, helps to create a natural balance throughout the digestive tract and produces a small amount of CO2 in the human body. The low fat content and composition give it a specific refreshing pleasant taste and easy digestibility.

Product composition

pasteurized milk, cream and kefir culture

Nutrition Facts (Serving 100g)* % RI
Energy182 kJ / 43 kcal2
Fats1,2 g2
saturated1,0 g5
Carbohydrates4,4 g2
in which Sugars3,7 g4
Proteins3,6 g7
Salt0,1 g2

Variants: BABIČKA Kefir 1,1% 950 g PET, BABIČKA Kefir 1,1% 185 g