is a full-fledged variant of our sour milk product Kefir 1.1%. Like the classic Kefir, it contains several kinds of dairy kefir cultures as well as strong and beneficial microorganisms. The only difference is that the enzyme lactase is added to the production process, which breaks down lactose into simpler sugars, which are then more easily digested by people suffering from lactose intolerance. However, the structure of the kefir, the composition and the taste remain the same. Thanks to the content of beneficial microorganisms, kefir milk promotes the digestion of the organism, helps to create a natural balance in the entire digestive system and last but not least produces a small amount of CO2 in the human body. The low fat content and composition gives it a distinctive, refreshing, delicious taste and easy digestibility.

Logistic informations

EAN: 8585000902940

Min. durability: 30 days

Package: 8 pieces/box

Product composition

pasteurized milk, kefir culture, enzyme: lactase

mliecny vyrobok

Dairy product

bez lepku


vhodne pre tehotne zeny

Suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women


Quality mark

Nutrition facts

Nutrition Facts (Serving 100g)* % RI
Energy174 kJ / 41 kcal2
Fats1,3 g2
saturated0,9 g5
Carbohydrates4,2 g2
in which Sugars3,9 g4
Proteins3,2 g6
Salt0,09 g2
Laktóza<0,01 g