NIVA ORIGINAL GOLD halfdrum approx. 1 kg - LEVICKÉ MLIEKÁRNE a.s.

NIVA ORIGINAL GOLD halfdrum approx. 1 kg

is a rippening blue mold cheese characterized by a typical marble structure of blue molds on a creamy white surface. As NIVA ORIGINAL, it´s production is hand-made, what making each cheese loaf unique and under constant control. It´s different from the NIVA ORIGINAL is only in it´s higher fat content and longer ripening time, thanks to which the NIVA ORIGINAL GOLD cheese has an unmistakable, slightly buttery, slightly spicy taste with a spicy tip.

Logistic informations

EAN: 296688

Min.durability: 40 days

Package: 3 pieces/box

Product composition

pasteurized milk, food salt not more than 5.5% by weight, stabilizer: calcium chloride, rennet, dairy cultures, strong mold Penicillium roqueforti

Nutrition facts

Nutrition Facts (serving 100g)* % RI
Energy1382 kJ / 334 kcal17
Fats28 g40
saturated19 g95
Carbohydrates<1,0 g0,5
of which Sugars<0,5 g0,5
Proteins20 g40
Salt3,6 g60