It is the only Slovak cooked and packaged pudding whose main ingredients are milk and cream. It contains no artificial sweeteners, colorants, preservatives and is also gluten free. A carefully developed recipe, technological production processes and composition ensure a delicious taste and pleasant aromatic aroma of vanilla or cocoa. An important contributor to maintaining these properties is the quality, modern and practical packaging - DOYPACK.

Product composition

milk, cream, sugar, thickening agent (modified corn starch, gelatin, guar gum, tara gum), cocoa powder (1,25%)

Nutrition Facts (Serving 100g)* % RI
Energy773kJ / 184kcal9
Facts8,4 g12
saturated5,5 g28
Carbohydrates24 g9
in which Sugars19 g21
Proteins3,6 g7
Salt 0,07 g1